About the Woolen Mills Neighborhood and the WMNA

Located in the eastern edge of Charlottesville and bordered by the Rivanna River and Meade Avenue, Woolen Mills is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the City.  As residents here, we value our diverse neighborhood and enjoy its rural feel that is grounded in a long human history and access to nature and recreation.

The Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association (WMNA) provides an opportunity to come together as a community and take care of our neighborhood and each other. Membership is open to all residents of the neighborhood. Through community get-togethers, monthly board meetings, activism, and volunteer projects, the WMNA pursues its purposes of:

  1. The cultivation of a good community spirit and the maintenance of our area as a wholesome, harmonious, pleasant place to live.
  2. The promotion of programs that will enhance the community spirit and residential quality of the area.
  3. The representation of its members to all organizations including the enhancement of this area as an attractive, safe, enjoyable place to live, raise one’s family, and age in place, while benefitting from mutual support and respect for individual needs. Representatives will take concerted action to conserve and improve the area as a historic residential neighborhood, including, when necessary, action to protect the integrity of the community.

The best way to get involved with the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association is to get on the email group and attend the annual meeting that occurs each fall. All neighborhood news and events are circulated through this email chain. Please use the “Contact” page of this website and request to be added to the email list…and welcome to the neighborhood!

For more information on the history of the neighborhood, visit http://historicwoolenmills.org.

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