A River runs through it. Garden or a DMZ?

Rivanna Regatta
Tuesday June 23rd the City and County Planning Commissions meet at the Water Street Center, 407 East Water Street, at 6:00 PM. There are two items on the agenda:
1. Franklin Street Rezoning
2. River Corridor

Riverview Cemetery-Monticello
This meeting is without precedent, it is challenging to predict the course of the conversation. Ideally, the commissions will find common ground, discussing mutually held goals for the neighborhoods adjacent to the boundary-line between City and County.
The boundary area has a troubled history. There are hurt feelings extant.
In the past when the City and the County have discussed Boundary issues the meetings were adversarial, conducted through lawyers, centered on the acrimonious topic of annexation.

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The June 23 meeting arises from a recognition by citizen planners on either side of the line that working cooperatively offers a better chance for mutually successful outcomes than does a continuation of discord.
May 19, county planning commissioners expressed their desire that this joint meeting support an opportunity for collegial dialogue and brainstorming to pursue sanguine possibilities for the Franklin Hill area and the larger city county interface defined, in part, by the Rivanna River.

Pireus Row
Please do attend this meeting. The presence of a watchful public emphasizes the crucial importance of productive discussion between the commissions. We must have cooperative planning to the protect and enhance our quality of life. The boundary area will flower with interdependent, harmonious adjacencies which respect the unique aspects of our cross jurisdictional, historic neighborhood. The boundary area will suffer if conflict prevails.

Rivanna Trail
Pitchforks and torches are not necessary equipment for this meeting.
Bring your attention and goodwill.

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