Historic Conservation District 101

January 23 2016 snow
Riverview Cemetery

Monday April 11 Charlottesville’s preservation and design planner, Mary Joy Scala, spoke at the Woolen Mills Chapel about the proposed Woolen Mills “Historic Conservation District”.
Before the meeting started there was a slide show which provided an overview of some of the issues conservation districts are designed to address.

Mary Joy Scala
presentation part 1Part One: Mary Joy Scala answers questions and provides an overview of protections and obligations that come with a local regulatory district.

Audio Part TwoDiscussion continues…

scale matters
Audio Part ThreeThe root of the idea is to slow demolition and preserve the character of the Woolen Mills.

proposed conservation area
Audio Part FourProperty in the gray shaded area would be covered by the proposed zoning overlay.

The "design guidelines" for architectural design control
The “design guidelines” for architectural design control districts are contained in a 124 page book available on the City’s website.
The guidelines for a conservation district (reproduced above) are one page long…

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