Howard Evergreen – 2018 WMNA Board Candidate

I have been on the WMNA Board or the past 3 years and wish to continue for one more term of 2 years. I believe it will help to have some continutiy between the old board and the new one to be elected in October. The projects I am most involved in with and concerned about  are the changes at Riverview Park and the development of the old Mill site. I spend  hours on the river cutting down old vines that smother trees and appreciating how many ways the river gets used.  I have met with Chris Gensic, the City’s park planner, numerous times to discuss the City’s ideas for the future of the Park and to share neighborhood concerns.  I even found a lost bench swept away by the flood that was hiding about a 1/4 mile downstream in the woods. I have met with the parties involved in the development of the old Mill to discuss traffic and noise concerns.  This discussion is just getting started.  Your support is appreciated.
Howard Evergreen
115 Riverbluff Circle

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