Jenny DeBell – 2018 WMNA Board Candidate

My name is Jenny DeBell and I would like to declare my candidacy for the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association Board.

I moved to Charlottesville in May 2017, and work as a content writer for a company headquartered in Madison. I bought a home in Woolen Mills in February of this year. Previously, I lived in New England for 20+ years, where I worked in film production before taking a job in graphics and marketing for Whole Foods.

As time passed, my work with Whole Foods moved more and more in the direction of community relations, which I loved for the reason that I worked in communities across southern New England, with every variety of individual and organization. The experience will hold me in good stead with neighborhood association work. Woolen Mills is a widely varied population of residents, each of whom has a particular – and legitimate – POV. In the time that I’ve been here I’ve followed the neighborhood issues with interest. What comes to mind over and over is the primary lesson I learned in raising my children, and that is this: every person, no matter where he or she stands in society, simply wants to be heard.

I am so lucky to have discovered Woolen Mills. I’m new to the area and the issues, but I come to this challenge with new eyes and ears, and plenty of enthusiasm for our remarkable neighborhood.

I’d be honored to accept your vote in the upcoming election. Please stop by and say hello; you’ll see me out on my front porch often.


Jennifer (Jenny) DeBell

1707 East Market St.



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