John Joseph Tornatore III 6

Skippy behind the counter

John Joseph “Skip” Tornatore, III, 78, of Charlottesville, passed away on Monday, March 12, 2018, at the University of Virginia Medical Center, The Daily Progress has his obituary.

Mr. Tornatore and his wife operated Helen and John’s Grocery at 123 Franklin Street for many many years.

H&J Sign

Skip and Nadine had what you needed when you needed it. The place was a store with more…

Skip with the twins set #1

Skip was a kind, gentle caring man.


His stock appealed to young and old alike. My favorite item was his custom sandwiches.

The store was a gathering place for long time Woolen Mills and Hogwaller residents.

His friends were legion.

He is missed. Thank you Skippy!


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6 thoughts on “John Joseph Tornatore III

  • Cecilia Courtney aka Punkin

    Skippy always had a smile on his face he would greet you when you walked in the door if he hadn’t seen someone in a while he would ask about them.I would go in to buy his famous bologna sometimes I would get him to fix a bologna sandwich with Lettuce tomato and mayonnaise his always tasted better then the the ones you fix at home. Once I went in and got some things and he rung me up when I went to pay I realized I had left my money at home I told him I would be right back and left the bag on the counter he said hey you forgot something he handed me the bag and said bring the money back when you can he was one of a kind. I know he had plenty of friends waiting for him with open arms in Heaven.

  • Barbara meadows

    I loved skip and nadine.when I worked at isotempe I would go get me one of those good bologna sandwiches. I would buy it by the pound to take home.later on I attended church with them at Calvary Baptist kids still remember miss nadine.they have great girls and grandkids.I felt so bad when I couldn’t make his service. Heaven got a special Angel with thoughts and prayers are with his family but u know he is in a better place.he will be greeting people as they come in like he did at Sam’s Barbie Meadows&family