Mariel Childress – 2018 WMNA Board Candidate

I would like to be considered for the WMNA board. My name is Mariel Childress and I have lived in the Woolen Mills (1516 E. Market St) since 2014. I live with my husband, Connor, two kids, Clement (3) and Cora (2), and our dog, Bowser. Charlottesville is a special place for us: I grew up here, met and married my husband here, and LOVE living here!
I am very invested in our community, and care deeply about this neighborhood. When we were looking to buy a house 4 years ago, we wanted one with history and charm. We fell in love the minute we walked into our house, and couldn’t wait to make the house our home. Luckily, we bought a house next door to Pete & Michele who welcomed us to the neighborhood with open arms, and we have met so many of our wonderful, eclectic, & thoughtful neighbors through them. We have also enjoyed meeting our Timberlake neighbors on the other side- they have always been so kind. This neighborhood is a gem and has something for everyone. We especially love walking to both Markets, splitting our time between the amazing playgrounds at Meade & Riverview, and grabbing a beer or playing trivia at Firefly.

I currently stay at home with our children, am very involved with their school, and I also volunteer for The Women’s Committee, which raises funding for women who are battling Cancer. I like to stay busy and have found that my strengths lie in organization, communication, and a drive to get things done. One thing I have found frustrating as a city resident is the lack of transparency among the city council for the past few years. I hope that, if elected, I would help our community feel like they are being heard, action is taking place, and we are all working together towards a common goal.
My main concerns specifically related to the Woolen Mills are responsible & appropriate growth, traffic calming, and public safety. I am very interested in staying on top of the development down the road and ensuring our neighborhood will not be negatively impacted. From what I have read about the plans, it sounds like there will need to be a lot of collaboration between the County, City, Developer, and our neighborhood. I am ready to jump in with both feet if elected.
Please feel free to email me with any questions, and thank you for your consideration.
Mariel Childress
1516 E. Market Street

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