October 3, 2013 Our Town Tracking Sheet

Excel Spreadsheet lists disposition of items raised by Woolen Mills neighbors
Excel Spreadsheet list disposition of items raised by Woolen Mills neighbors

The tracking sheet doesn’t register the many things our City does well because those things were not raised as issues. The Woolen Mills Board is pleased with Councilors’ work directed at schools, job creation and disproportionate minority contact. That is the glass half full. Our appreciation for Council’s hard work is not adequately captured by the tracking sheet.

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The glass half empty is the worn fabric of neighborhoods throughout our City.

Mr. Fred M. Rogers said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

We are looking for the helpers, NDS is the City department with Neighborhood in its title, we look to partner with NDS. Following decades of effort working with NDS, the WMNA Board was an informed signatory of the January letter regarding that department (excerpted below):

Charlottesville neighborhood leaders are concerned that NDS’s attention to neighborhood service, protection and advocacy is often inadequate. Staff planners and NDS in general are often out of touch with neighborhood needs. Neighborhood leaders are concerned that NDS lacks the structure and interest to support and engage the community in a meaningful way.– Neighborhood Leaders Statement of Concern about NDS and Community Engagement

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We have been looking for helpers, for partners, to aid in advancing on the fronts of:

  • Quality in the Commons, the rights-of-way that connect us all, our streets and their edges.
  • Zoning Issues (MI adjacent to R1, Rivanna Corridor overlay)
  • Caretaking of our natural and cultural assets

We wish to see the Council Vision realized. The 34 items listed in the tracking sheet are waypoints offered by Woolen Mills citizens. 14% of the items mentioned at the last meeting are happily resolved, but 86% of the work remains to be done. When the battalion of City Staff take the Council vision as their north star we will see progress. We need Council’s leadership attaining these goals.

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