Rivanna River Access

Rivanna at Riverview Park

Charlottesville has close to four miles of frontage on the right bank of the Rivanna River.
In 2011 Chris Keeling (then a Keswick resident), as part of his progress toward becoming an Eagle Scout, built stairs to make it possible for Charlottesville residents to gain access to the Rivanna. As Chris said “this place really needed stairs”.

lower steps cordoned off, now gone

Since that time there has been progress on the Rivanna. We have Gabe and Sonya offering river trips, we have the County and the City prioritizing cooperation in the Rivanna corridor, but there has been damage.

last step is a doozy

Six stairs are missing and the access to the river is perilous. Hopefully this important stairway in Riverview Park will be repaired soon!


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