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Franklin Street
April 3, late afternoon, a community meeting was held about the future of Franklin Hill. A Bank down in Glen Allen (Virginia) wants to remove the “preserved slopes” protective zoning overlay that currently protects close to an acre of this parcel so they can market their land for the maximum amount of money.

Franklin Street hardwood wetland
Does the bank realize that large vegetated hillside systems provide environmental benefit to adjacent neighbors? (Pictured, the hardwood wetland on Franklin immediately south of the property)
Does the bank realize that the quality of life for residents living on the west edge of Franklin Street would be severely impacted by a 40,000 square foot industrial facility, a 56 car parking lot and lights that burn all night?
Does the Bank realize that their parcel can be used commercially without removing close to an acre of protected hillside?

The player above contains audio from the Good Friday meeting.

We have asked the Bank’s local representative to hold another, more appropriately scheduled
community meeting. That meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 27, 2015, 5:45pm, in the Woolen Mills Chapel.

The Albemarle County Planning Commission will meet at a time TBA to discuss whether the designation of “preserved slopes” was properly applied to 37,000 +/- square feet of this site.
The Albemarle Board of Supervisors (at a time TBA) will vote whether to remove the protective designation.

Click here for more History of Franklin Hill

map of affected slopes
Currently there is no “site plan”, just a map of slopes to be terraformed.

What is a preserved slope?
b. Preserved slopes.
The characteristics of preserved slopes are the following:
(i) the slopes are a contiguous area of ten thousand (10,000) square feet or more or a close grouping of slopes, any or all of which may be less than ten thousand (10,000) square feet but whose aggregate area is ten thousand (10,000) square feet or more;
(ii) the slopes are part of a system of slopes associated with or abutting a water feature including, but not limited to, a river, stream, reservoir or pond;
(iii) the slopes are part of a hillside system;
(iv) the slopes are identified as a resource designated for preservation in the comprehensive plan;
(v) the slopes are identified as a resource in the comprehensive plan;
(vi) the slopes are of significant value to the entrance corridor overlay district; or
(vii) the slopes have been preserved by a prior county action, including, but not limited to, the placement of an easement on the slopes or the acceptance of a proffer or the imposition of a condition, restricting land disturbing activity on the slopes.

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