Stephen Kiningham – 2018 WMNA Board Candidate

I would like to declare my candidacy for the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association board.
My wife Holly and I moved to Charlottesville in March of 2017. She is a grad student at UVa, and I am a programmer at a local software company. I have led software teams on a variety of successful projects, I sit on the organizing committee of a tech conference in Richmond, and before moving to Charlottesville, I volunteered extensively with YouthBASE in Greenville, South Carolina.
I think that I can be a strong representative of community interests on the WMNA board because I’m a careful listener, and I can leverage my leadership experience to make a difference in the neighborhood. I have spoken before the WMNA board in the past promoting resolutions to safety issues including an additional speed bump at the 19087 bus stop on Chesapeake St. and increased path lighting at Meade Park. I know that having an advocate on the board who lives on Chesapeake west of Fairway would be helpful to resolving these issues in addition to other unique challenges this pocket of the neighborhood faces during the busy season of pool and market activities.
The crux of my candidacy, however, is my belief that the WMNA and its board activities should be as transparent and accessible to everyone as possible. This means that we should live stream the monthly meetings online and allow voting by walk-up drop-box or by email for more than just biennial elections. Without these improvements and more, the WMNA board cannot adequately represent the interests of the neighborhood as a whole.
I hope you’ll consider casting a vote for me in the upcoming board election. Please reach out if you have any questions. Thank you.
Stephen Kiningham
1310 Chesapeake St.

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