Tunnel Under Pireus

RPS tunnel
Good afternoon! We wanted to pass along a few New Rivanna Pump Station project updates as follows:
· The 11-foot diameter tunnel has progressed approximately 996 feet to a location under the railroad crossing. Approximately 600 feet more of tunneling remains to reach the existing pump station site at the entrance to Riverview Park. The photo is of the inside of the tunnel at the first curve. The circular steel ribs are placed every 5 feet and timber lagging is placed in between each set of steel ribs. The utility lines inside the tunnel include electricity, water for the Tunnel Boring Machine (affectionately called Miss Chelsea), and air for ventilation. The rail cars travel on the tracks at the bottom to carry muck out of the tunnel.

Rivanna Pump Station excavation · Our Contractor anticipates a second large concrete pour next week for the 3.5-foot thick base slab on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 starting around 2 AM. The pour will include approximately 500 cubic yards of concrete and multiple concrete trucks will be using Broadway St. to access the back of our Moores Creek Advanced Water Resource Recovery Facility for approximately 4-6 hours. We will encourage the Contractor to be mindful of the time of day and not to disturb the neighborhoods. A current photo of the excavation is above. An extensive amount of rebar and conduit has been placed in addition to the first 440 cubic yards of concrete shown in the top half of the photo.
Hope everyone enjoys the long holiday weekend and please let me know if you have any questions!
Best regards,
Michelle Simpson, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer, Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority

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