(updated 5/12/17 to include link to Charlottesville Tomorrow story)
Various rezonings and special permits required to rehab the Woolen Mills buildings pass the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors unanimously. Details when they are available.

“There will be a passageway that will connect Broadway and East Market streets, but it will only be accessible to emergency vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.
Another proffer will limit a parking lot on East Market to 28 spaces. Another will allow space for the Rivanna Trail to cross the property.
“The Rivanna Trail represents one of the few non-developer-built trail systems within the county’s urban areas,” said Michael Barnes, a member of the Rivanna Trail Foundation. “Mr. Roy has recognized the value of the Rivanna Trail to both his future project and to the larger community.”
Barnes said the easement will allow a key piece of the trail’s loop to be closed.”–Charlottesville Tomorrow has the whole story

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