WillowTree Inc.

Tobias Dengel addresses assembled
August 27, 2018, WillowTree Inc. hosted a gathering at the Woolen Mills for their employees announcing plans for the Woolen Mills campus.
Program of events
There was food…
A history table.
good dog!
An eight year old Golden Retriever named Saffron
Mallek, Unknown, Northam, Toscano, Deeds
The political class
existing and planned interiors
Images of the future.
WillowTree values
I don’t know anything about WillowTree but the overall vibe was good, it was hot but people seemed happy and excited.

The Woolen Mills Inc. had more than a half century of leadership from Henry Clay Marchant. I hope Mr. Tobias Dengel proves to be a durable visionary as well.

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