Woolen Mills Historic Conservation District: Martha Jefferson walkabout

On December 7 2016, Bill Emory made a tour of the Martha Jefferson neighborhood with Melanie Miller, the chair of the BAR, to understand better how, since 2010, the BAR and the Preservation Planner have been applying the CV code.

Since that time, the BAR and Mary Joy Scala, the city’s preservation planner, have revised the guidelines, which will be presented for comments in a planning commission and city council join public hearing on March 14, 2017. (Staff report Joint public hearing March 14 2017_February 13 edits)

Bill’s pictures are also available in a separate document. (MJN CV walkabout sm)


Shed, no building permit required, thus no application for a “certificate of appropriateness” (COA) required, no fee. This shed and the house in the background are located on a corner lot in the Martha Jefferson Historic Conservation District


commercial building
Commercial building, modern (metal clad) 2nd story approved by BAR, COA and $125 fee required.


525 Grove
525 Grove. Yellow shingle clad addition to the left required a visit to the BAR for a COA. In the course of building, changes were made to the approved design (2nd floor porch was removed). An additional visit to the BAR by the homeowner wasn’t required, the changes were reviewed electronically and approved.


521 Grove
This house (521 Grove) has a rear addition which is not visible from the frontage street. Therefor, no interaction with the BAR was required, no COA, no $125 fee. The addition is pictured below.


521 Grove addition


703 Locust Avenue
This duplex at 703 Locust Avenue has a sizable addition behind.


703 Locust addition
No application was required for the addition at 703 Locust. No fee. No COA. In advance, the owner would need to know the square footage of the proposed addition and the elevation of the roofline in relation to that of the main house.


714 Locust front elevation
714 Locust Avenue, COA required, addition was slightly wider than primary building.


714 Locust
714 Locust Avenue rear view


site features
The Historic Conservation district overlay addresses fence height on the frontage street but does not address other site features. In this example the homeowner has chosen to convert a significant portion of the front yard for parking use. No problem.


716 Locust Avenue
716 Locust Avenue,
No COA required for this rear 2nd floor addition, no fee. Approved without review by BAR because it is not visible from the frontage street.
Note, entire house had vinyl siding applied, no approval needed.


716 Locust
716 Locust Avenue, rear view.


805 Locust Avenue
805 Locust. Pictured below, the rear addition and deck, COA not required.


805 Locust Avenue
805 Locust Avenue


corner lot
This house is on a corner lot so a COA was needed for the rear addition.


corner lot
Question: Who should be contacted first when changes to a contributing structure are contemplated?
Answer: Call Mary Joy Scala, Preservation & Design Planner, at the City, 970-3182 or e-mail [email protected]
Ms. Scala administers the “overlay”. She is able to field and approve many maintenance actions like house painting, roof, window and door replacement over the phone.
Question: Is it possible to build a “modern” house in a conservation district?
Answer: Modern style is encouraged.
Question: What area is included in the CV overlay?
Answer: The overlay map is below.
Question: Is an application to the BAR for a certificate of appropriateness needed before I can add on to my house?Answer: The first step is to call Ms. Scala and provide info on the scope of the addition. Some additions require application to the BAR, some don’t.

Woolen Mills proposed CV


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