Community Guidelines

The Short Version

We use the Nextdoor community guidelines as our template.

Our mission is to provide a trusted platform where neighbors work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, all over the world.


We want all neighbors to feel welcome, safe, and respected when using Nextdoor. For that reason, we’ve developed a set of Community Guidelines describing what behaviors are – and are not – allowed on Nextdoor. The crux of our Guidelines can be boiled down to one simple statement: Everyone here is your neighbor. Please treat each other with respect.


We rely on you, the neighbors who make up the Nextdoor community, to report content that violates these Guidelines. Violating the Guidelines has consequences, which may include removal of content, suspension of posting privileges, or even a permanent ban from Nextdoor. Because of the diversity of people in any neighborhood, please keep in mind that while something may be disagreeable to you, it may not violate our Community Guidelines.


Please read the full guidelines here: