Historic Conservation District Guidelines and Ordinance

January 17, 2017 the Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review (BAR) recommended revisions to the Historic Conservation District (CV) ordinance regulations to clarify what actions would require BAR review, to add a section allowing administrative review, and other adjustments based on the BAR’s experience with the ordinance that has been in place since 2009 and based on Woolen Mills neighbors input.
April 17, 2017 the City Council of Charlottesville approved the changes to the ordinance.

Uploaded here are the CV ordinance and Guidelines approved by Council 4/17/17. This is the same ordinance that NDS plans to ballot (later this spring, property owners affected by the proposed CV will receive ballots). The Guidelines approved by Council April 17 will be augmented with language about the Woolen Mills and a map, the copy here does not contain those changes.

(download CV Guidelines approved by Council 4/17/17)

(download CV Ordinance approved by Council 4/17/17)

CV Guidelines Page One

CV Guidelines Page 2

CV Guidelines Page 3

CV Guidelines Page 4

CV Guidelines Page 5

CV Guidelines Page 6

CV Guidelines Page 7

CV Guidelines Page 8

CV Ordinance Page One

CV Ordinance Page Two

CV Ordinance Page Three

CV Ordinance Page Four

CV Ordinance Page Five

CV Ordinance Page Six

CV Ordinance Page Seven

CV Ordinance Page Eight

CV Ordinance Page Nine

CV Ordinance Page Ten