[Updated] 2018 WMNA Board Election – How to Run

We are holding a Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association (WMNA) Board election and annual meeting  Sunday, October 21, 2018 from 4-8pm in the Woolen Mills Chapel, 1819 East Market Street. There are nine Board seats available.

We invite all Woolen Mills neighborhood residents over the age of eighteen to consider running.  We would like to see a Board that reflects the diversity of this neighborhood. To declare candidacy email a platform statement to the Woolen Mills Google Group or to [email protected]

Declarations of candidacy may be made anytime between now and election day. Candidates are encouraged to describe their interest in running beforehand via e-mail, flyers, direct mail… Write in candidates are allowed via either voting method (absentee or at the Chapel).

People considering running and serving on the Board can expect the following kind of work to be involved:

A.  Monthly Board meetings (2nd Monday of the month, 7:00PM) open to members of the WMNA.

B.  Familiarity with the WMNA by-laws: http://woolenmillsneighborhood.org/documents/

C. Staying abreast and informed regarding the content of city and county meetings related to neighborhood quality of life.

D. Responding to local media, interacting with police and government officials, making announcements to the Woolen Mills List, keeping up communications on neighborhood related events and issues so neighbors can participate.

E.  The board is a two-year voluntary commitment.

F. Some of the issues and activities the Board is currently involved with:

Charlottesville and Albemarle Comprehensive Plans and their effect on Woolen Mills, zoning, Franklin Street bike and pedestrian facilities, traffic calming on Fairway and Meade, linear park stewardship along the Rivanna, oversight of the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority operations, Charlottesville’s “code audit” and “streets that work” programs, and community support efforts.

Eligibility: Full-timeWoolen Mills Neighborhood residents over the age of 18 can vote for the Board members or serve on the Board. The officers of the Association are a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The officers are selected by the Board. If you want to run, please send your contact info and a platform statement to [email protected] or to the WMNA list.

Proof of Woolen Mills residency is required to vote or to serve on the WMNA Board.

2018 Election Details

General Election Information Regarding the upcoming election of the Woolen Mills Neighborhood Association Board, accepting and counting of ballots will be informed […]

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